What do we do?

We analyze what you have in place and what you need to fulfill your short- and long-term goals, and the only way we can do this is by understanding the WHY of your company. Most employees know what they are doing in their jobs and how to do it, but not all of them know the WHY of their company.
We help you rediscover that WHY.
We understand how difficult it is for companies to have all the resources necessary to manage personnel while implementing strategies to create and maintain a successful business and a committed workforce.

At Azar Consulting we give you the necessary Human Resources tools to:

  • Keep your company in compliance with government regulations
  • Recruit, train, and retain the best talent available by creating clear job descriptions and profiles with specific responsibilities
  • Create solid internal Human Resources processes that adapt to the needs of your business today and in the future.

HOW do we do it?

Organizational Design

We diagnose business needs by designing and implementing an operational model of human resources with components that maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Human Resources Management

We help you tailor the basic skills of human resources and the development framework that your team needs to succeed today and in the future.

Outplacement Services

We help you manage outplacement processes throughout a smooth and planned service where your employees will receive an orientation to seek for a new job or change their career path. Resume mentoring, interview preparation, and job search tools.

Our Beloved Customers

Team Tankers International has required service by AZAR consulting on two separate occasions. Both times our employees participated in their outplacement service lead by Maria Alejandra Azar Devis, who handled the process with a high degree of professionalism.

Maria’s response time is short and her costumer service high. As an employer, we felt very comfortable with Maria leading our employees to their next career step including but not limited to creating cover letters, CV and LinkedIn profiles and coaching to approach the marked for a new job.

We give Azar Consulting our best recommendations.

HR Manager, Team Tankers International
Maria Ale is very professional and knowledgeable. She has a lot experience and is very easy to talk to. She is such a gem, highly recommended!
Jenny Vargas
Natural Point Acupuncture
We recently hired her to work on our HR department and so far she’s impressed me with her attention to detail and preparation. We’re excited to be working with her.
Rick Pesquera
CM Roofing Pros LLC
Maria is an well prepared, knowledgable professional, who can absolutely make a difference in your company!! Always willing to help any way she can, and going the extra mile for her clients.
Gilcy Sanchez
Beta World Business Center